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We would love you to join our community! 

Would you like to be apart of a community that is changing the way we view Mental Health!? The Chair, is exactly that, and seeks to provide everyday people with support to heal their Mental Health through Alternative Therapies. Think of it like, levelling out a Public Health system to include Alternative Therapies.. it’s just we have to make it happen. The Chair is a community based non-for-profit organisation.

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Support our project

As a community initiative, your help goes a long way! All money raised goes directly into keeping this initiative alive and supporting alternative therapies for mental wellbeing.

It’s to help level out the playing field, by supporting people to access Alternative Therapies with FREE access to natural based therapies that assist humanity to heal and free themselves from mental disorders permanently!

We have an Association that facilitates the financials and makes best use of the dollars donated! If you would love to donate to keep this dream alive and help humanity in totality, then your love is felt and accepted with gracious arms.

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